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Scrap And Recycling: Your Next Business Venture?

Scrap and recycling is big business. There is money to be made from the industry. A double benefit is created from the recycling and repurposing of old items in that they can often be resold and the planet protected from the pollution that would result from them being manufactured from scratch. Many firms exist in this space and invest in dumpster Inventory Software and the like to help streamline the process for them.

The benefits? It helps the planet and their pockets. Plus, it goes for so many materials as well, metal included! Although getting into this business would mean investment in recycling and metal processing equipment so perhaps you’d need to prepare a little bit more for this option. It is important because these materials can be harmful if handled by human hands. Also, there are multiple steps involved from scrapping the material to transporting the shredded pieces through to finally separating precious and non-precious materials, and each step could require an efficient system of equipment (if interested, you can take a look at Cyrus Industrial Equipment). Though it might sound like a huge investment, it can bring in massive profits in the long run.

Anyway, this article will look at what is being achieved and what money can be generated from the different types of businesses that deal in scrap. If one can call it “scrap” anymore.

Reclamation Yards

For those of us with period houses, there is nothing better than finding something of age for our garden or home interior. This has been made possible by the existence of reclamation yards. When houses are redeveloped in one area, certain sections will be salvaged so that they can be used on properties still standing in another area, where homeowners desire everything to be in period to look authentic. It is not necessarily a good look to mix old and modern when it comes to the aesthetics of a property. For instance, to be able to obtain some original bricks to build a wall that matches your property represents something of an achievement and a pleasing outcome.

Old lanterns, for instance, can be recycled. You can put the electronic equivalent of a candle inside to illuminate it yet still have the outside of the reconditioned lamp to admire. The possibilities are endless. Everything will have a use for someone, it is just marrying the two up. That is what reclamation yards are good at. Home improvers will seek out things that would seem lost forever and would have been if nobody had thought to recycle them for profit and prosperity.

Scrap Yards

Metal has a price but that is not the only money that is to be made from owning a car breaker’s yard. All the parts from the old car that are still okay can be recycled as parts for vehicles still on the road. There can be very few cars that have disappeared out of circulation altogether, so there will be somebody somewhere wanting the part that is in a better condition than theirs. We should bear in mind, though, that many cars have known faults, in which case the same parts are likely to wear out. However, we are talking also about the aesthetic parts that may be scratched and can be improved. There is certainly a market for second-hand car parts. Many car enthusiasts will want to ride around in vintage vehicles. It also provides them will a hobby, repairing and immaculately maintaining the vehicles and taking them to shows to display their efforts to like-minded and fellow vintage vehicle enthusiasts.


By hiring a skip, you are making sure that anything you do not need will be re-directed to where it is useful. Skip firms, these days, are mindful that there is money in what ends up inside their skip and that it is not just a case of taking it to a landfill site to empty. It represents a double payment. They receive the money to hire out the skip, then its contents become theirs, too. The householder is benefitting because of the convenience of having such a quantity of unwanted items and rubble taken away all at once, out of sight and out of mind. It would have taken them many journeys to the landfill site to have achieved the same. Then, they would have felt guilty for not having distributed the items more wisely. That is, in a more environmentally friendly way.


In the interests of the environment, many products today are being manufactured so that they are either biodegradable or can be recycled. The only money that can be made from biodegradable products is in the saving to the environment, whereas if something can be recycled it can be used many times over. It all depends on how useful an item can be in the future. Whether it is capable of having another function beyond its original use.

The types of products that can be recycled so that their materials or components can be made into something else include batteries, computers, cars as mentioned, and building materials. Paper too can be recycled to be reprinted on. This is important because trees provide us with oxygen, so we cannot afford to cut all of them down. One tree will produce 12 boxes of photocopier paper. Each box contains 5 reams of 500 sheets each. If we can recycle paper then we will not feel so guilty about using so much of it. Something we just want or need that paper record.

So, there is money to be made out of scrap and recycled products, which is good because at the same time it is helping the environment and forming businesses in the process.

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