My name is Paula La Raedo. I am something of a no-nonsense sort. I enjoy getting straight to the point, saving time, being efficient. So let’s do the same here. My blog is focused on business in many forms. New or small business help, industry talk and tricks of the trade. My personal experience has been in helping to launch new businesses, or to help rebrand existing ones, and thus my writing will draw on this experience.

Why did I start a blog? I wanted a presence online. I have avoided thus far up until now, and still prefer to err away from social media. It sucks up so much time that could be better spent. Still, there is merit to the platforms – just not for me at time of writing. And, it is helpful to have your face online.  But simply having my face out there means nothing. Having information attached helps sell who I am. What I know. Establishes my knowledge before people know more about me as an individual.

Perhaps in time that will change. For now, please read what I have on offer.