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How Videos Enhance a Website and Improve Sales

There are good and bad websites. We know when we come across one that is ineffective. It has often not been updated for a while, is cluttered with images that required explanation, and it has passages of text that just look so daunting to have to read. So, we should be able then to make our website look a lot better. Website design is not easy but can be learned and there are companies out there that can help you with it. You can never go far wrong by using interactive images instead of displaying lots of seemingly pointless information that just confuses everyone.


Because it is possible to make videos interactive these days, videos can now greatly enhance the purposefulness and attractiveness of a website. You can have blogs with instructional videos based on your business. If you are an educator, learn how to screen record and make videos accordingly. Give useful insights and additional links for resources. Visitors to your site can now not only choose which video to watch, but they can also choose what to watch within a video. By clicking on links, buyers of a product can choose what aspects of a product demonstration they want to view. They can choose at what point they wish to buy a product, as there will be a link attached to the video still in motion that allows for the purchase of a product. Everything today is instant and people want things to be as simple as that. Once they have made a decision, they will want to add the product to the cart and purchase it without fuss.

Moving Images Over Still Ones

It is far easier to show a product in a moving image than to have to photograph it at lots of different angles as a still image. Even when you do, it is not going to be as enlightening as a product in action that someone can see working and then know that it is the product for them.

A demonstrator of a product will be adept at showing all its useful features and in knowing what those viewing will want to know. In any case, where a video is interactive, more information can still be found out that is not part of the video demonstration, by clicking on additional links that are within a person’s eye line. Everyone wants things to hand and all in the same place. This can happen where a video is interactive, whether things are still moving or not.

Fun and Engaging

Videos can be made so that they appear fun and engaging. There is not generally anything exciting about a block of text unless it is a particularly good novel. It, of course, depends on how well it is written. Even so, it is far better to have moving pictures and sounds to sell someone the product. They do tend to be more memorable and likely to encourage someone to mention your website to someone else simply because they enjoyed the video. So, even if they do not buy the product themselves, you might gain that extra sale by recommendation of your video that others will then watch and buy your product from.

In summary, interactivity is everything in today’s world because people need to feel a part of the buying experience. They want to already feel like they own the product before they even have it delivered. They need to be able to visualize themselves using the product inside their home. An interactive video can achieve that by making a customer very much part of the journey, from initially seeing the video, to clicking on the extra links for more information, to then purchasing the product through the online checkout system a business website will need to have. There is no doubt that moving images are more engaging and fun to watch than just having text to read. It is up to businesses to create a website, with the help of others, that proves effective when it comes to customer engagement and selling the number of products that will make it grow and become successful both online and offline.

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