Architects: Things to Know

Architects: Things to Know

Property development, building restoration, and home improvement are sections of the building trade where the services of an architect will be required. It is not just about drawing and building, the role also requires social skills and knowledge of lots of other areas. These include engineering, science, maths, and physics. You will also need to have drive and dedication to succeed. If we had to pick on one thing that an architect must have, it would be the ability to design.

So, this article will consider just what qualifications and skills an architect should possess, as well as what they should know about.



In the UK, becoming an architect requires individuals to complete a 5-year degree in architecture. It needs to be recognized by the ARB. That is the Architects Registration Board. For entry onto this kind of degree course, you will need to already possess 5 GCSEs ranging from A* to C, which must include maths, English, and science. I would have thought that technical drawing would be useful, too. Many universities prefer candidates to have maths or science-related subjects before accepting them.

The maths subjects to pay particular attention to are geometry, trigonometry, and algebra, as these all play a vital role in architectural design. Architects will make use of these calculations when forming their blueprints and initial sketch designs. They will also use them to calculate the probability when it comes to construction issues and bringing their vision into three-dimensional reality.

Other useful subjects relating to architecture include art, design, sculpture, photography, and art history.


Skills and Knowlege

The skills and knowledge an architect will need to possess or develop include design skills, building construction knowledge, reasoned and analytical thinking, attention to detail, and good communication skills. As an architect, you will need to have good customer service skills and be able to interpret the design ideas of your clients. You will also need to be up-to-date with your knowledge of planning and building regulations, which change over time. As with all occupations, a degree of initiative will be required. Also, the best architects will have creativity in abundance, as well as an awareness of the practicalities of bringing a building project to life and of current market trends.


Interesting Facts about Architects

When it comes to impressing at interviews, it does not hurt to have a few interesting facts about architects and architecture to hand.

For instance, it may not be many, even in the industry, that know that Imhotep was the first identified architect in history. He lived around 2600 BCE and served Djoser, an Egyptian pharaoh. To his credit, Imhotep designed the first Egyptian pyramid complex, which was the world’s first stone structure. He would inspire the more elaborate pyramids that were to come later.

For those looking for inspiration, the most famous architect in the world today is considered to be Frank Gehry. His most famous buildings include Disney Hall in Los Angeles, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and MIT Stata Centre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


So, if architecture is your business or you are thinking of entering it as a career, I hope that the above has been of interest to you. It is a wonderful thing when a design that appears on paper becomes a structure that then stands the test of time. That is down to a good design in the first place, of course. After that, its shape and architecture mean that everyone wants to keep it there to look at. Many a business has benefitted by attracting customers because of their business being housed in an iconic building. Workers inside those buildings find it a pleasure to attend work each day, knowing the history that surrounds where they are sitting or working. Good architecture is an inspiration to us all. So, to know the things that are important to become an architect is to follow in the footsteps of the great architects of the past whose work we continue to admire.

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