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Three Tips from an Experienced Freelancer

Three Tips from an Experienced Freelancer

Considering becoming a freelancer? Then you may want to follow these three tips. A handful of years ago, I pondered about that very same question. I decided to take the jump, and before I knew it, I had an extensive portfolio of clients. Establishing yourself as a freelancer isn’t an easy job though. By following these tips, it will at least be a bit easier for you to get started.


Tip Number 1: Find Your Niche

What is it that you excel at? Ask yourself this question first. You will find that what you are good at is within a specific business. You may, for instance, be a good writer. If so, find a niche that you will predominantly write about. It could, for example, be about travel. Consider an even more narrow niche by focusing on traveling to a specific part of the world. Or how about the video games industry? You may have valuable knowledge about that industry, so why not share it with the world?


Other people may find that they excel in graphic design. If so, the same applies here again. Find a niche within graphic design that you will focus your attention on the most.


By focusing on a niche, you will often develop into an authority within that category. Before you know it, you may have created your own brand, and steadily you can increase your rates.


Tip Number 2: Expect to Work Hard

Again, establishing a freelance career certainly isn’t an easy thing to do. Earning a wage at a day job is, in many ways, much more straightforward. Here, your tasks are decided by your employer, and you don’t have to stress to find work. The total opposite is the case as a freelancer. Here, you continuously have to find new work opportunities. So expect to work hard.


So, where do you even find your clients? A good tip here is to search for local businesses. At least if you offer business to business (B2B) services. There are many companies that give advice on B2B, such as that available at Lift & Shift’s website, to help you maximize your sales or public interest. It can be done quickly on Google or any other large search engine. Approach the relevant contact person at the said business politely and professionally. Let them know that you are willing to offer them a service that can improve their bottom line.


Expect to approach lots of businesses before you find your first client. Try and improve your process along the way, and learn from your previous experiences.


In the modern digital age, you can also find clients via online platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. The same challenges apply to these platforms, though. The competition is tough, and you should expect to work hard to find good steady clients. But don’t lose hope. Remember that a freelance career requires daily hard work. It’s the name of the game.


Tip Number 3: Create a Routine and Stick with It

Being your own boss is cool! No doubt about it. But are you ready to handle it professionally? It’s essential that you quickly develop a set of routines. Set your alarm to a specific time in the morning, and show up to your home office on time. Every single day.


Some freelancers prefer to divide work life and personal life. It can be done most easily by working in another location than at your home. Consider if you can rent an office. Your local municipality may offer free conference rooms and facilities for entrepreneurs, and that may be of benefit to you. Research that immediately.


Please also remember to register all tax information. As a business owner and freelancer, it’s your own responsibility to keep a record of your earnings, as well as pay your taxes. Many freelancers will find that it’s good to purchase an accounting software program to do all their bookkeeping.


You Can Do It

So there you have it. Three useful tips from an experienced freelancer. It may seem like a huge jump to quit your day job and instead become a business owner and freelancer. And to tell you the truth, it most certainly is.


But if you excel at something and, most importantly, have the right mentality, you definitely stand a chance to succeed. So good luck!